During Covid-19 we are striving to keep everyone safe, and comfortable. We have posted multiple signs from the government about Covid-19, and  hand sanitization. No one will be admitted showing any signs of sickness, all members must keep 6 feet apart, and wiping down benches is mandatory. We limit the number of people allowed in the gym at one time to allow for a safer experience. We sanitize handles and benches in the am and pm, and clean the bathrooms. Lastly we are not accepting drop-ins at this time, to reduce new members who may not follow the rules, as closely as we all expect. Extra hand sanitizing stations have been added, to help everyone stay safe. Thank you!


Ultimate fitness is large and dynamic facility in Port Moody, a block away from the West Coast Express train station, one street back from St. Johns.

Ultimate Fitness strives to accommodate any and all performance styles and needs. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and friendly environment, that caters to the hardcore bodybuilder, cross fit trainer, or the occasional fitness enthusiast.

Ultimate fitness is a large multipurpose gym, with 30ft. ceilings. We have large bay doors that open in the summer, creating a uniquely outdoor feel, in an indoor facility. We have an extensive amount of equipment, you'll  never wait, or be lacking in personal space.
Half of the gym is  dedicated solely to legs. There are 4 free weight squat wracks, and an additional 2 smith machine pieces. We even have a reverse hyper machine built specifically for UF.



​There is a large cardio theater, with step climber.

There is a full sized yoga and posing studio.

There is also a full and completely separate air conditioned ladies only gym. For those ladies that enjoy the solitude of training.

​We are the only gym around with a full set of kettle bells, and a power lifting platform, complete with bumper plates.

There is a full sized rope for core training.

We also have 2 complete sets of dumbbells, both rubber and metal, and peak at substantial 160lbs.

Ultimate Fitness also has full time professional competitor/trainers available, Claire Hayes. We have a large shake and energy drink bar, and a hair salon just down the hall. There is Wifi for those that enjoy staying plugged in.

At Ultimate Fitness we pride ourselves in providing a complete and friendly training experience. There is ample and convenient parking, and we wish to invite you to come be apart of the Ultimate Fitness family.